5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

5 Vienna Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Here are five Vienna kitchen remodeling trends to keep in mind as you start planning your own kitchen improvements. A kitchen update is a project most homeowners choose to pursue because they want a cooking and social gathering spot that’s modern, visually appealing, and functional. From using different cabinet, countertop, and flooring materials to replacing outdated lighting and plumbing fixtures, there are many things that can be done to achieve these goals.

1. Smart Kitchens

A “smart kitchen” simply refers to the use of the latest available technology with everything from appliances to fixtures. For example, you might opt for motion sensor faucets that turn on when hands are detected or lights or appliances that can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. With appliances, in particular, more homeowners are investing in refrigerators with touchscreen features and stoves with smart sensors that adjust cooking temperatures as necessary.

2. Hardwood and Ceramic Flooring

Because of its durability, natural beauty, and versatility, hardwood flooring has long been a favorite choice for homeowners, which is why it’s still trendy today. In kitchens, it can serve as a perfect complement to other sources of wood in your design, like your countertops and cabinets. A popular trend with hardwood floors, especially ones in kitchen-dining areas, is to paint them in vibrant, bright, or bold colors. Ceramic tile flooring is an equally trendy choice for kitchen makeovers these days. Ceramic tiles are appealing because they can replicate many other materials. You’ll also have a lot of flexibility with tile sizes and shapes.

3. Quartz and Granite Countertops

A choice you’ll likely have to make during a kitchen remodel is your preference for countertop materials. The top two trendy options are quartz and granite. Quartz is a good choice if you regularly use your countertop since it’s a highly durable material. Quartz is also available styles that include traditional cream and taupe designs, brighter yellows and greens, midnight black and rich reds, and swirl and intricate deep mix patterns. Aside from being made from a super earth-friendly material, granite countertops are appealing because they are easy to repair and complemented by a high sheen that naturally enhances the colors and patterns.

4. Dark, White, and Gray Color Schemes

White is still a popular color scheme with kitchen colors, partly because of the ability to incorporate so many different other colors in your kitchen design with wall colors, cabinets, and various accent pieces. If you prefer more versatility and some depth with color choices for your cabinets and other main kitchen features, explore various shades of gray. Both white and gray color schemes can produce a fresh, modern look. Darker color schemes are also growing in popularity in kitchens. Darker cabinets and countertops or backsplashes and floors with richer, darker tones can give a kitchen a rich, luxurious look. Darker blues and varying shades of red and purple are especially trendy today.

5. Dressed Up or Concealed Range Hoods

This one is actually related to another trend that’s not going away anytime soon – open shelving in kitchens. If you are going to go with open shelving as part of your remodel, this means you’ll have a void where upper cabinetry would normally go. Take advantage of this space by dressing up your range hood. Many homeowners are exploring options such as copper sheeting complemented with rivets and straps. On the other hand, if you want to play up your cabinetry, another trend worth considering is a concealed range hood that keeps the focal point on your other kitchen features.

A kitchen remodel that’s done right could earn you a return on investment of at least 70 percent of your original costs should you decide to sell your home. Even if you have no plans to move any time soon, a kitchen update can result in a space that’s more in line with your current living preferences and needs. A home remodeling contractor can help you determine how to incorporate some of the trends discussed here into your own kitchen improvement plans.

Vienna Kitchen Remodeling

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10 Home Improvement Options

10 Home Improvement Options

10 Alexandria Home Improvement Options

Alexandria home improvement projects come in all shapes and sizes, from minor single room spruces to top-to-bottom renovations. One of the good things about home remodels of any size is the ability to customize your plans in a way that allows you to add beauty, function, and value to your property on your own terms. Here are ten home remodeling options to consider.

1. Small Bathroom Updates

A smaller, carefully planned bathroom can easily pay for itself over time while also giving you a more inviting and efficient space. With a basic bathroom remodel, some homeowners are saving money with:

• Newer, more efficient plumbing and lighting fixtures
• Wall-hung toilets
• Windows in showers for more natural lighting
• Vanities with drawer storage instead of cabinets (an especially appealing option in bathrooms short on space)

2. Complete Bathroom Remodels

If you really want to make your bathroom your owner personal paradise, you’re not alone. Bathroom remodeling was the top home improvement project of 2017. With a more extensive bathroom makeover, homeowners often prefer to consider the latest bathroom remodeling trends, which include creative tile choices, brass and gold fixtures, floating vanities, and in-floor heating. Referring to a bathroom built with materials designed to get wet like a freestanding tub with a shower space encased in tile, “wet rooms” are especially popular among trendy homeowners today.

3. Minor Kitchen Spruces

Looking to bump up your home’s value without breaking the bank? Consider a small kitchen remodel as your preferred project. Minor kitchen updates are mostly cosmetic in nature (e.g., refacing cabinets and drawers, replacing countertops with more resilient materials, updating flooring). Sink and lighting fixtures can also be updated without adding too much to your project costs.

4. Major Kitchen Overhauls

Is your kitchen’s layout way too confining? Are you tired of being isolated from your dining and living areas while cooking? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’ll likely benefit more from an extensive kitchen remodel. Such projects often involve:

• New cabinets, countertops, shelving, flooring, and lighting
• Removing non-supporting walls to create an open kitchen-dining area
• Complete plumbing and electrical updates

5. Basement Remodels

Many homeowners have an extra living space that’s under-utilized – the basement. A remodeled basement can become a family entertainment hub, a home office, or even a rental apartment.

6. Attic Conversions

Another source of unused home space is the attic. Every attic has unique characteristics and some unavoidable structural issues that limit space use. Even so, a converted attic could become a quiet home office, a private room for an older child, a kids’ play area, or a secluded bathroom bathed in natural light.

7. Exterior Improvements

If your goal is to make a good first impression, consider some exterior improvements. In addition to landscaping, popular exterior updates include replacing entry doors, updating porches, and replacing outdated outside lighting fixtures. Roofing and siding updates can also pay off big time while also providing added beauty and energy efficiency.

8. Window and Door Replacements

Outdated windows and doors aren’t just a cosmetic problem. They can also affect your home’s energy efficiency and even present possible security and safety risks. Updating windows and doors also gives you the option to explore different designs, styles, colors, and materials.

9. Porch, Deck, and Patio Additions

You’ll recoup about 90 percent of your costs at resale with investments like this. A new or expanded porch, deck, or patio can also give you an excuse to enjoy your home’s outdoor features more often. Another option is to have an existing patio enclosed to create an entirely new living space.

10. Laundry Room Remodels

The laundry room is another commonly under-utilized space in homes. Sure, you need to make room for your washer and dryer. But there’s no reason why you can’t use the rest of your available laundry room space for other purposes. Options include adding:

• Built-in shelving
• A traditional sink and cabinet
• Cabinets that conceal the washer and dryer when it’s not being used
• Brighter lighting
• A skylight or window (if possible)

When you’re ready to move forward with your home remodeling plans, a home remodeling contractor can help you work out the details and determine the most effective way to complete your improvements. If budget is a concern, more extensive updates can be done in stages to minimize inconvenience and spread the costs out in a way that’s more affordable.

Alexandria Home Improvement

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10 Home Renovation Design Ideas

10 Home Renovation Design Ideas

10 Alexandria Home Renovation Ideas

If you need some help fine-tuning your Alexandria home renovation design plans, here are some suggestions for your consideration. Planning a home renovation is akin to having a blank canvas to work with. However, in order to end up with a masterpiece, you’ll need to have a clear focus with your design ideas.

1. Multi-Use Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands can be more than just extra counter space. Depending on how much space you have available, an island in a kitchen can include either your main kitchen sink or a second sink for use during meal prep and appliances such as dishwashers and mini-fridges. Islands can be even more functional with stovetops, shelving, and varying surface heights to allow for multi-purpose use.

2. Baseboard Drawers and Other Creative Storage Options

Is your home lacking sufficient storage space? If so, consider creative renovations like adding baseboard drawers in your kitchen or bathroom. Another possibility is to use available space along the top part of walls to place shelves for items you don’t use daily. Clever storage options also include:

• Knee-wall dressers
• Wall-hung cabinets for TVs
• Built-in benches with hidden storage space
• Pull out drawers under stairs

3. Dog Shower Areas

This may seem like the ultimate in excess. But if you have one or more family dogs frequently needing to be rinsed off, having a separate shower space for dogs is a clever way to relegate pet cleaning to a certain area of your home. Plus, you can always add shelves or cabinets in the same area to store your pet supplies.

4. Raised Platforms

Do you have a larger room you want to divide during your renovation? One way to repurpose larger spaces like this is to have a raised platform built in one part of the space. The raised area can serve as a sleeping area while the lower portion could function as a sitting or relaxation area. If your home doesn’t have a dining room, the elevated part of the room could serve this purpose and the lower part could become a cozy living room. A platform raised a bit higher could also conceal a bed if you want an instant spot for overnight guests.

5. Wine Storage Under Stairs

If you need a place for your wine collection in your home, a full wine cellar can be included as part of a basement renovation. But if you don’t have space for this kind of update, wine cabinets can be built under your stairs for convenient access and appropriate storage of your various vintages.

6. Home Steam Rooms

For a different and refreshing twist on a bathroom renovation, why not consider a home steam room? This can be a welcome addition to your home if you want to soothe minor aches and pains and promote mind-body relaxation. Include S-shaped seats and you’ll have a place to lie down. Shelving for towels can also be added.

7. Mixing Up Materials

A white kitchen must have light-colored wood countertops and stainless steel fixtures, right? Not if you want create a more personalized and visually appealing space. More homeowners are ditching traditional home renovation concepts in favor of things like rustic wood range hoods combined with modern countertops and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. The mix-and-match concept can also work with color and material combinations (e.g., two or three different wood styles of varying shades in a single room or multi-color shelving).

8. Architectural Detailing

An Alexandria home renovation is a perfect opportunity to add architectural details to your living spaces that can create entirely different looks. For instance, a large family room that naturally flows into the dining room can appear less overwhelming to the eye with a series of symmetrical beams. Visual relief can also be provided by such things as faux mantles and non-supportive columns.

9. Subtle Design Updates

Not all renovations have to dramatically alter your home. You may be surprised at how much of an impact smaller design changes like installing molding at unexpected angles, placing a larger trim around doorways and windows, or updating or completely changing lighting fixtures can have on various rooms.

10. Creative Uses for Unused Spaces

Creative renovation design is all about paying attention to details and looking for opportunities to use spaces that normally go unused, like corners or narrow spaces. This means considering things like curved brackets on narrow shelves and corner kitchen cabinets. Using narrow spaces or unused corners can also give you room for things you thought didn’t have the space for in your home, like a small corner home office crafted with a corner cabinet that has a built-in desk. You can even set up shelving in a corner by your patio door to create a mini-mudroom.

Finally, don’t entirely focus on trends with your improvement plans. It’s just as important to choose updates that match your personal preferences and lifestyle. Once you have some home renovation design ideas to work with, a home remodeling contractor can help you fine-tune the details.

Alexandria Home Renovation

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Pros and cons of insulated vinyl siding

Pros and cons of insulated vinyl siding

Pros and cons of insulated vinyl siding

Some of the benefits of insulated vinyl siding are improved energy efficiency, low-cost and durability but that does not mean its the best option for your home as we will cover the pros and cons of this type of siding. Insulated vinyl siding offers many benefits for homeowners and builders alike as a low-cost alternative to other more costly options like Stone Veneer or Cedar Shake.

Vinyl siding is making a big come back from when it was being replaced by concrete or wood siding options which can provide a more authentic appearance but considering the cost and durability, it is a hard option to not consider. The insulated properties also add to the reasons you should consider if you want to cut costs during summer and winter by having more stable internal temperatures thanks to the additional insulation from the elements.

Insulated Vinyl Siding Cost

There is a large range of pricing options for this type of material because many factors affect its face value like the brand, color, and profile being used. If you plan appropriately and stick to your budget then vinyl siding can be a very good option for you with prices ranging from $1.50 to $4.00 per square foot.

Pros of Insulated Vinyl Siding

A newer development in Vinyl Siding is the range of color options many manufacturers are now offering.

  • R-Value of 3 or Higher
  • Stronger resistance to impacts
  • Thermowall insulation foam option
  • Vapor permeability to allow your siding to breath
  • Can even be installed over old siding in some cases
  • Manufactured pieces can come in any size or cut
  • Better sound control properties
  • Less maintenance
  • Variety of colors
  • Energy Tax Credits
  • Reduced energy bills

Cons of Insulated Vinyl Siding

  • To prevent warping, proper installation methods should be followed
  • To avoid damage, waterproof barriers should be installed
  • High moisture can develop mold
  • If not attached properly, can be blow of by strong winds

Insulated vinyl Siding

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Entry Doors

Entry Doors

Entry Doors

Since the front of your home commands the most attention from the street it should also command the most attention in the marketplace and one way to do this is with your entry doors. Here are some things to consider for your next front door if you want to improve not only the curb appeal but also the functionality and security of your home.

Entry Doors

Entry Doors

Beckworth LLC has found that most entry doors perform well overall. But the materials they’re made of—fiberglass, steel, and wood—each have strengths and weaknesses. And while a low-priced steel door can be the equal of a wood or fiberglass door costing five times as much, it’s not the best choice for wear and tear.

Energy Efficiency
Steel and fiberglass doors typically have more insulating value than wood doors. Models that are Energy Star-qualified must be independently tested and certified, and often boast tighter-fitting frames, energy-efficient cores, and, for models with glass, double- or triple-panel insulating glass to reduce heat transfer. You’ll find more details on the federal EPA’s EnergyStar website.

Entry doors are also known as door systems because they come pre-hung in a frame and are often pre-drilled for a knob and deadbolt. Unless a replacement door is part of a larger remodeling project, you may want the new door to be the same size as the old one.

It takes a quality door lock to deter burglaries and home invasions. Many crooks kick in doors to get in. But unless your door is hollow, it’s not the door itself that lets burglars in. Our tests with a battering ram have shown little difference in strength among door materials. All eventually failed because the doorjamb split near the lock’s strike plate, though we also found that beefed-up locks and strike plates can greatly increase a door’s kick-in resistance.

Types of Entry Doors

Here are the types of door materials to consider.

A practical choice for most people. These doors are available with a smooth surface or, more typically, an embossed wood-grain texture. An edge treatment on some makes them look more like real wood.

This type of door accounts for about half the market.

Provides the high-end look that other materials try to mimic

Entry Door Features

Manufacturers offer dozens of options for panel and glass designs, grille patterns, sidelights, and transoms. The more elaborate the design, the more the door will cost. Here are the door features to consider when shopping.

Adjustable Threshold
This helps keep any door weather-tight over time. Otherwise, you may eventually need to add a new sweep to the bottom to seal out rain and drafts.

Glass inserts are attractive, but they add to the cost. If you’re buying a door with glass near the doorknob or with glass sidelights, consider a double-cylinder deadbolt lock. You need a key to open this type of lock whether you’re inside or outside, so a burglar can’t simply break the glass and reach in to open the door.

Rails and Stiles
These are the horizontal and vertical parts that brace a wood door. Solid-wood rails and stiles may eventually bow or warp. Look for rails and stiles made of laminated wood covered with veneer, which provides the greatest resistance to warping.

Entry Doors

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Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

If you’re looking for windows that pivot open and closed vertically then you should consider having casement windows installed on your home. Although these are not the most popular windows with many people, there are particular advantages.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Open Fully

No other window can be opened as far, which can be an important advantage when you depend on cross ventilation to cool your home.So if the size of window opening is important to you, you may want to consider casements.

Great Views

Muntins are those strips of wood, vinyl, metal, or fiberglass that divide panes of glass within a single window.  Sometimes muntins are desired; other times, not.  Sometimes, in fact, that fake muntins are installed between the two panes of glass, or as clip-on accessories. If you don’t want muntins, then you’re in luck with casements.

Better Ventilation

Casement windows allow a lot of airflow in especially if you have abnormal wind conditions you can open up the sash to allow better flow of air in your home.

Better Security

Casement windows are very difficult to break into. Casement locks are hook-shaped, and these hooks are embedded within the frame, making them untouchable.

Casement Windows

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