Flat Roof Vienna VA

If you are considering a flat roof Vienna VA installation for your home then you should contact Beckworth LLC for a free quote.

flat roof vienna va

flat roof vienna va

Some people say “flat roofs are the future”, being more minimalistic in design and material needs as well as promoting options light easier solar panel placement or even installing green roofing or a roof garden makes it a desirable option for some.

If you get a new modern style flat roof you can expand the living area of your home by installing a patio on the roof or even a pool. Nothing beats sitting on the roof on a warm summer night with family and friends under the stars.If rain is a big concern you can always include a slight incline for the rainfall to easily drop off and roll down the top.

Although a flat roof makes your home look modern and sleek there are always some advantages and disadvantages to consider, especially when making a decision about something so important on your home.

Advantages can include cost, where the materials for a flat roof can run you less than a dollar per square foot, making a very affordable and attractive option. This saves you not only money but also time. Another advantage of a flat roof is that you can store things on top if you decide to not make it into a garden, patio area or pool as previously mentioned.

Some Disadvantages include the drainage issues it can present.Making sure there is proper drainage and angles installed with your roof are very important to avoid water pooling, removal costs and leaking. Another issue is that, depending on your area and suppliers, materials can be difficult to acquire as compared to widely available triangle roof trusses and other normal design options.

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