Aging in Home Remodeling Virginia

Our aging in home remodeling Virginia services may sound like something you would do if an area of your home is aging faster than another area of the home. Despite what it sounds like at first, what aging in place remodeling really entails is a remodeling of the home for those who are aging themselves. You or a loved one may be a senior living on their own or with the help of a member of a healthcare service. Either way, for those who believe their homes are becoming too difficult to scale as they age, remodeling certain areas will undoubtedly benefit the aging home occupant’s way of life.

Services like Beckworth remodeling services specialize in home remodeling services in many areas of the home. Beckworth Virginia makes a remodel a simple process, whether you’re interested in updating the curb appeal of your home or making your home safer to live in. When it comes to home improvement projects, you or a loved one may have insisted on working on projects on their own. While it can be done by a group of individuals who are knowledgeable when it comes to home improvement, there are some things that would be better to have adjusted by professionals like those mentioned. The safety of yourself or an aging family member depends on the improvement to the home being done right the first time, so price should hardly be a factor.

Remodeling Virginia

Aging in Place Checklist

To figure out where to start with your aging in place improvements, make a checklist of all of the areas where accessibility is hindered by the current layout and design of the home. Sit down and go over all the places you or the homeowner cannot get to without difficulty or possible danger of slip and fall situations. Is there a step or two leading out of the door to the home’s garages? Here are some areas to look over in the home for possible modifications:

  • Access area to basement/attic areas
  • Yard/exterior of home including balcony and walkway
  • Floor plan of single level or more home
  • Steps separating different areas of the home
  • Narrow hallways
  • Natural and artificial lighting
  • Doorway width
  • Garages/carport’s access areas on either side of vehicles
  • Usability/accessibility of appliances in kitchen
  • Height of cupboards

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