The Hottest Trends in Kitchen Design for 2019

The Hottest Trends in Kitchen Design for 2019

Your kitchen is the place where you cook, eat, gather and spend more time than any other room in the house. If it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, we invite you to take a look at what we’re seeing in kitchen renovations this year. Gathered from designer predictions and what people are asking for in their kitchens, we think you’ll find these useful as you consider your own renovations.

The Smart Kitchen: Technology

Think about it—you carry your phone and maybe your tablet into the kitchen so you can make that new recipe you found on Pinterest. Or maybe you’re using a smart home device to have a video call with a friend who’s coaching you through your Thanksgiving dinner.

You need a connection in your kitchen, but that’s not the end of kitchen tech. Bluetooth speakers and automatic lighting, and sensor-activated faucets are just a few of the things technology brings into the kitchen workspace to make it more efficient and enjoyable. Easy-to-install smart light switches allow you to just wave your hand in front of it to turn it on when you’ve got your hands full, and it’s more modern-looking than the standard plastic switch plates.

Automatic coffee makers have been around for a long time, but the smart kitchen goes far beyond that. The Internet of Things (IoT) brings appliances that are connected to the WiFi and allows you to control everything from your smartphone. A natural extension of the connected home, kitchen appliances with smart technology allow you to control cooking from anywhere with the touch of a button. Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator is one of those IoT appliances that lets you use your smartphone to see what’s in the fridge while you’re out shopping. The touchscreen also allows you to research recipes using what’s inside your refrigerator, and leave notes to your family on the outside, all via the WiFi.

New Kitchen Colors
Pictures appear on social media of “retro” style kitchens from the 1950’s in yellow or other bright pastel colors and matching dinettes. It was fashionable back in the day, but 2019’s kitchen isn’t about whimsy. Keeping with practical applications and maximum function, kitchens are seeing bolder colors that weren’t used before.

This year, the new color is the matte black, with Navy blue and hunter green taking second and third places. But if you’re not entirely sure about making your entire kitchen completely matte black, appliances and hardware are a good place to start, even in a totally white kitchen.

Green is the warm, inviting color that when paired with walnut hardware gives a cozy look to your kitchen like no other. Navy is a bit stronger, and looks fantastic when paired with gold-colored knobs and fixtures.

Slimmed-Down Appliances
If you’re tall, you’ve probably bumped into a stove or hit your head stove hood that stuck out too far from the cabinet area. You’ll be happy to know that slimmer, less obtrusive appliances are one of the most popular trends in kitchen renovations.

Rather than being obvious, stoves, stove hoods, and other appliances blend into the kitchen seamlessly instead of than becoming hazards. “Hidden” hoods, or those with downdraft ventilation, are also trending, offering a more contemporary, minimalist look for the cooking area.

Banquette Redux
If you’re the type that prefers booth seating in a restaurant as opposed to a standard table-and-chair setup, you may like the resurgence of the banquette. Similar to the booth, the banquette is great for smaller spaces that don’t have room for a full dinette set.

While kitchen islands and breakfast bars remain popular, banquettes can be used as breakfast nooks, snack spots, or for all of your casual indoor dining.  Position it in a corner, and use either benches with cushions or position a table and chairs into the space. Benches also have storage space under the seats, adding to the kitchen’s efficiency. Both built-in and freestanding banquettes offer a minimal space footprint while maximizing dining space, especially for a larger family or groups.

Appliance Cabinets
Are your appliances, dishes and other kitchen items all over the place, or displayed in open cabinetry? This is the year to put everything away. Marie Kondo’s de-clutter mantra has influenced the kitchen to the point where many people want the counters cleared and everything out of sight. As the un-cluttered minimalist vibe takes hold, look for appliance cabinets to become the norm in kitchen renovations.

Pantry Storage
One of the biggest complaints about kitchens is the pantry—it’s not big enough, and if it is, it’s a lot of wasted space. It’s frustrating to try and find that bottle of vanilla extract you bought last week, because it’s buried behind several other small items. It’s inefficient, and slows down everything. Additional shelving, slide-out shelf units and other individual storage units make everything much easier to find. Upgrading kitchens with more efficient storage is a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Metal Mixtures
If you’re concerned about all of your metal kitchen parts—faucets, cabinet hardware, etc.—being the same, don’t be. Trending this year is the mix of metals in the kitchen, especially faucets and fixtures. Gunmetal and pewter don’t have the stark look of black, but offer a different, distinct look. Copper is becoming particularly popular. The stainless steel-standard gets a run for its money, so don’t be afraid of mixing and matching. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well it turns out.

The Un-Matched Set
If you’re one of those people who enjoys finding vintage pieces, you’ll understand why a matching-table-and-chairs may become a thing of the past, at least for some. As we move toward sustainability, expect to see less of that matched pieces in kitchen in favor of mixed, repurposed furniture. Antique and second hand stores are great places to find usable pieces, as well as online sales forums like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Pull together several chairs with a good table for a comfortable, casual look.

If sustainability is one of your goals, look for more recycled and repurposed materials available in new environmentally-friendly kitchen materials. They’re more widely available, and come in a range of styles that offer personal expression as well as durability.

What’s Not Hot Anymore

  • Complete Whiteness—with black as the new “in” color for kitchens, all-white kitchens are looking dated. While there’s nothing wrong with white by itself, but it’s just that—white. Mute it with some accent color, such as cabinets and appliances. Add some plants, pottery, upholstery, and window treatments to soften the edges. These design elements will help tone down the harsh brightness while introducing color into the mix.
  • The Accent Wall—frequently seen in white kitchens, the accent wall with a different color just isn’t done in 2019. Expect everything, including molding and trim, to be painted the same bold color.
  • Glossy surfaces—too much gloss is hard on the eyes. Much like the white, you can tone down the high shine with the same items.
  • Rose Gold Metal Anything—it was a thing from 2017 through 2018, but not anymore. Brass, copper, pewter and other metals are a better option for fixtures and other metals in your kitchen. Rose gold belongs in the jewelry box.
  • Open Shelving—while it looks good in pictures it isn’t practical. Dishes and other displayed items collect dust faster, and it contributes to a cluttered look. Putting everything behind cabinet doors offers a much cleaner aesthetic.

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