5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

5 Vienna Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Here are five Vienna kitchen remodeling trends to keep in mind as you start planning your own kitchen improvements. A kitchen update is a project most homeowners choose to pursue because they want a cooking and social gathering spot that’s modern, visually appealing, and functional. From using different cabinet, countertop, and flooring materials to replacing outdated lighting and plumbing fixtures, there are many things that can be done to achieve these goals.

1. Smart Kitchens

A “smart kitchen” simply refers to the use of the latest available technology with everything from appliances to fixtures. For example, you might opt for motion sensor faucets that turn on when hands are detected or lights or appliances that can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. With appliances, in particular, more homeowners are investing in refrigerators with touchscreen features and stoves with smart sensors that adjust cooking temperatures as necessary.

2. Hardwood and Ceramic Flooring

Because of its durability, natural beauty, and versatility, hardwood flooring has long been a favorite choice for homeowners, which is why it’s still trendy today. In kitchens, it can serve as a perfect complement to other sources of wood in your design, like your countertops and cabinets. A popular trend with hardwood floors, especially ones in kitchen-dining areas, is to paint them in vibrant, bright, or bold colors. Ceramic tile flooring is an equally trendy choice for kitchen makeovers these days. Ceramic tiles are appealing because they can replicate many other materials. You’ll also have a lot of flexibility with tile sizes and shapes.

3. Quartz and Granite Countertops

A choice you’ll likely have to make during a kitchen remodel is your preference for countertop materials. The top two trendy options are quartz and granite. Quartz is a good choice if you regularly use your countertop since it’s a highly durable material. Quartz is also available styles that include traditional cream and taupe designs, brighter yellows and greens, midnight black and rich reds, and swirl and intricate deep mix patterns. Aside from being made from a super earth-friendly material, granite countertops are appealing because they are easy to repair and complemented by a high sheen that naturally enhances the colors and patterns.

4. Dark, White, and Gray Color Schemes

White is still a popular color scheme with kitchen colors, partly because of the ability to incorporate so many different other colors in your kitchen design with wall colors, cabinets, and various accent pieces. If you prefer more versatility and some depth with color choices for your cabinets and other main kitchen features, explore various shades of gray. Both white and gray color schemes can produce a fresh, modern look. Darker color schemes are also growing in popularity in kitchens. Darker cabinets and countertops or backsplashes and floors with richer, darker tones can give a kitchen a rich, luxurious look. Darker blues and varying shades of red and purple are especially trendy today.

5. Dressed Up or Concealed Range Hoods

This one is actually related to another trend that’s not going away anytime soon – open shelving in kitchens. If you are going to go with open shelving as part of your remodel, this means you’ll have a void where upper cabinetry would normally go. Take advantage of this space by dressing up your range hood. Many homeowners are exploring options such as copper sheeting complemented with rivets and straps. On the other hand, if you want to play up your cabinetry, another trend worth considering is a concealed range hood that keeps the focal point on your other kitchen features.

A kitchen remodel that’s done right could earn you a return on investment of at least 70 percent of your original costs should you decide to sell your home. Even if you have no plans to move any time soon, a kitchen update can result in a space that’s more in line with your current living preferences and needs. A home remodeling contractor can help you determine how to incorporate some of the trends discussed here into your own kitchen improvement plans.

Vienna Kitchen Remodeling

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Vienna Remodeling

Vienna Remodeling

Vienna Remodeling

If you are looking for a Vienna remodeling company to help with your new home improvement ideas then look no further than Beckworth LLC. We specialize in interior and exterior remodeling services, whole home remodels and also home additions. Whether you want to remodel your kitchen, install new siding, have a detached garage installed or new energy efficient windows installed we have you covered.

vienna remodeling

vienna remodeling

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen is one of the most popular areas people want to be remodeled in their home, especially if your current kitchen has endured years of use it can become visibly rundown and unappealing. Some popular kitchen remodels ideas include ripping out the vinyl flooring and replacing it with hardwood floors. Taking those old scuffed up and stained countertops and replacing them with marble or stone tile. Adding a new sink and appliances aren’t the only thing you can do, installing new custom cabinets can instantly improve the overall look of your kitchen too.

Bathroom Remodel

Removing your old stained bathtub and installing a new shower with glass doors or a jacuzzi tub can not only make the bathroom look better but also improve your daily life. Just like a kitchen remodel, installing a new sink, flooring and countertops can greatly improve the look and feel of any bathroom. Making one of the parts of your home where you go for privacy and relieve can make a world of difference when you get to enjoy it multiple times a day.

Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling is a great way to significantly increase the amount of living area in your home. Many people add an office, additional rooms or a gaming area for the family to watch sports. The options are endless with what you can do since the basement can typically be as large as the main floor in regards to the available square footing. This means you have plenty of options to not only improve your home but also increase the property value.

Attic Remodel

If you have a large home then chances are you also have a large unused attic. If this is the case then you may consider jumping on the Air BnB trend of converting your attic into a rentable loft space. This will increase your property value as well as the amount of livable space you have available and also bring in some extra income.

If any of these remodeling options sound appealing then give the experts at Beckworth LLC a call for a free quote. We are located Vienna Virginia but service many other cities and towns in the surrounding area. We have built a reputation on providing amazing customer service, superior results and competitive pricing. Contact us here or send us a message on Facebook.

Residential Remodeling Alexandria VA

Residential Remodeling Alexandria VA

Residential Remodeling Alexandria VA

Residential Remodeling Alexandria VA are exciting because they give you a much nicer home to live in. You raise the value of the home right before you sell it, or you make the house more fun to live in. Have a look at what the company can do as listed below.

remodeling alexandria va
remodeling alexandria va

Whole House Remodel

You can expand the house to the square footage you need, and the renovation company draws up a design for you to use. If you want to make an addition that includes a deck or pool, it is technically a separate unit. You could have a garbage or carport built, and you might ask for a storage shed.

Room Additions

Rooms inside the house can be expanded by removing walls and renovating each one. Your living might get much bigger when you blow out a wall, or you could move your kitchen partly into the breakfast nook. Make your bathroom bigger by tapping into unused space, or make your closet larger in the same way.

Add A Porch Or Deck

You could add a porch or deck to your home that gives you more seating area or wraps around your pool. A full veranda helps you place more seating in front of the house, and the deck might sit over your patio. These two things together make the house more spacious, and your home is much more valuable as a result.


You are free to paint each room in the house a color you prefer, and the colors make the house come alive. Your bedroom should be painted a color that feels romantic, and your kitchen must be painted a color that is far more vibrant and reminds you of the old days in grandma’s kitchen.

You are learning how to make your home more beautiful, and you must ask for a remodeling estimate from the Alexandria VA contractor that shows everything they can do. The estimate stands until you approve the work, and you feel much more confident about the house because it looks as if it was just built.

If you’re considering a residential remodeling Alexandria VA contractor you should think of Beckworth! Give us a call if yo you would like a free quote then give us a call us (703) 570-6777 . You can also contact us here or get more information on our Facebook.