Home Additions Vienna VA

If you’re considering a home additions Vienna VA company to come build your home out on your property or even build up then you should contact us for a free quote. Remodeling is our area of expertise and there is nothing better than expanding your home when you have either outgrown the current living space or just want more room for your family. You would be amazed at how much more space you can create with what you already have, either by knocking out some walls for a new room addition, expanding your living room or even adding a whole other floor. These things can be a huge improvement for you and your family at a fraction of the cost it would take to relocate.


Various Home Additions Vienna VA

Home Additions are an excellent way to add onto or build out of your existing property. Whether you want to add another level, install a detached garage or even a pool house, maximizing the livable area you have available can pay off for years to come.

Second Floor Addition

It may sound like a drastic measure to rip the roof off your home in order to gain more space to live in but in many respects, it actually makes the most sense. Adding a new level can be a big money saver and the increase in property value, as well as the improvements to your life at home, are things you can’t really put a price on. This is also much more affordable then relocating and buying a new home.

When it comes to second-floor additions there are typically three basic options to expanding your home vertically. One renovation option is to completely tear the roof off and start the upper level from scratch. Another way is to sever the existing roof and temporarily lift it up while the work is done. A third option is to expand the second floor out in sections starting with one area or section at a time like building out above the garage first.

Regardless of the area of the proposed project, we will be happy to help you plan for the update to your home and also offer ways to cut costs and keep you within budget. If you need a sizeable increase in the liveable area of your home then a second-floor addition is definitely one of the first things you should consider.

Room Addition

A Room addition is a very popular option for many homeowners and is also a lot easier than a whole second-floor addition as mentioned above. Creating additional space in your home by constructing a room addition such as a family room or another bedroom will add to the value of your home. In these situations, we always recommend maintaining the purpose of the new room around what it was originally, so instead of turning one of your bedrooms into a second kitchen, for instance, will save you a lot of headaches and money. A new room addition is a great way for you to increase the livable area in your home for much less than many other alternatives.

Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a cool way to create a space for family and friends to hang out during months when the weather is nice enough to relax on the back patio. Whether you decide you want a Kalamazoo or custom bbq pit installed we can help you explore your options.

Detached Garage

More and more homeowners are beginning to discover the advantages of a separate garage when they are building a new house or when it’s time to rebuild an old garage. One option fueling this trend is the conversion of an attached garage into a living space, then building a separate, detached garage for a vehicle or tool storage. Other benefits are that as long as you have space then they are easy to install, you can create a workshop and have many design options that traditional garages can’t be converted into.

Basement Bathroom

A basement bathroom> is always a good idea and is a popular option when we are doing a basement remodel for some of our homeowners. This can significantly reduce the foot traffic and wait time for the restroom on your primary floor. Additionally, if you decide to convert your basement into a rental then this takes care of that part of the new rental.

Pool House

If you already have a pool or are planning on having one then adding a new pool house, above all else, can make pool ownership and swimming more enjoyable. A pool house makes everything pool related more possible and also puts everything you need within reach, or at least a few steps from the pool. This may range from a well-appointed shed to a sizable guest house complete with bathroom and kitchen facilities, a sitting area, and even bedrooms. Many pool houses feature an open patio area in front, perhaps with a solid roof or a shade cover.

Home Additions Vienna VA

As you can tell, adding onto your home with any of the home addition options we have outlined can significantly improve your lifestyle and also increase the value of your property. If you are interested in a new home additional Vienna VA installation then give us a call at (703) 423-0270, contact us here for a free quote or send us a message on Facebook. Home additions Vienna VA.

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