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When you’re re-imagining your home’s new exterior, don’t forget to include the trim siding Northern Virginia. You know, the little edges that close off corners and seams, and the areas around your doors and windows. Trim gives your home’s exterior a more polished, finished look. Beckworth LLC offers many exterior home trim options in Vienna VA. Our new exterior remodeling services includes the best trimming available. We’re ready to deliver our experience and quality services to remodel your home’s exterior.

You’ve put a lot of thought and work into making the interior of your home comfortable and inviting. Maybe it’s time to upgrade the outside. If you bought your home new, it may have come with minimal exterior trim, or may even be without it. Adding some decorative trim siding Northern Virginia trim gives you some customization that makes your home look complete.

There are so many types of trimming that can add accent and character to your home without looking “over-done.”

  • Gable trim or pediment
  • Gingerbread trim
  • Dentil molding
  • Brackets
  • Window and door trimming

Just make sure to choose styles that add to or complement the architectural style of your home.

The most commonly used material is wood trim. Any wood used should hold up well and look good. Most wood trims are made from:

  • Fir—the most common and widely used wood for house trim. It has few defects, paints easily, and is dimensionally stable.
  • Pine—lighter and less expensive than fir, pine has a few more detectable defects. It’s used frequently as a trim because of its cost effectiveness. Pine also has a slight elastic quality to it, allowing you to “bend” it a little. If you’re installing pine trim on walls that aren’t exactly straight, you can nail the trim into place, and it will stay on exactly the way you put it there.
  • Redwood—the premier wood used for trim, it’s naturally weather-resistant and very strong. Redwood is a more expensive choice, but for trim around doors and windows, you’ll be able to use most, if not all, of a board for cut pieces.
  • Cedar—known for its pleasant scent, cedar deters insects, stands up to weather and doesn’t rot. It has a very straight grain, can last for the life of your house. It’s lighter than other trim woods and needs very little maintenance.

    But the price and supplies of these premium woods are now subject to supply and demand. Wood trim will still be exposed to the elements, expanding and contracting, causing the caulking to crack. With nothing to block it, water can get into your walls and into your home, increasing the likelihood of rotting or mold and/or mildew developing.

    If you’re interested in replacing your wood trim, but don’t want to have the same problems, other options are available. Like siding, there are also engineered alternatives to regular wood trimming that replace wood and mimic the look and require less maintenance. They’ll last longer, stand up to weather, pests, moisture and other threats to your home’s exterior and look good while doing it. If you’ve never considered these alternatives, we’ll be happy to introduce you to them.

    Long-lasting engineered trim siding Northern Virginia includes:

  • Cellular PVC trim—manufactured to look like wood or other specific design elements, this trim is smooth, durable and allows for a cleaner installation. It’s available in a wide variety of styles and pieces for window casings, doors, roof pitches (including gable pieces) porch pillars and more.
  • Fiber-cement trim—just like the fiber-cement siding, this trim is engineered with simple ingredients that harden to form versatile, attractive trim pieces. Like PVC, fiber-cement is long-lasting, is made to look like wood but needs less maintenance to keep it looking great.
  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)—this engineered wood alternative is easy to cut, nail and install. It won’t warp like regular wood, is free of knots, dimensionally stable and paints easily. It’s available in many different lengths and widths to accommodate different types of projects. LVL is a little more expensive than some types of trim.
  • Hardboard—made from wood chips that are heated with steam and water and pressed into board stock, using the wood’s natural chemistry as an adhesive. Although it’s more resistant to rot, it can be difficult to install. It’s also susceptible to swelling and shrinking from water over time.
  • Finger-jointed wood (made from one of the above wood types)—this less expensive version of solid wood is installed in the same fashion. It’s created by taking shorter pieces of high-grade lumber and bonding them with weather-resistant exterior glues. It comes in several grades, and usually in longer lengths that are cut to size. Sixteen-foot lengths are the usual size, but the finger-jointed trim is available in 24-foot lengths. While this type of wood can be a viable alternative, it does behave differently than regular cut woods, particularly on outdoor areas. It requires special care but can work well when correctly installed and cared for.

    Don’t overlook trim on your home, and pass up the chance to give your home’s exterior a fresh new transformation. As you can see, there are a number of options available for every home and budget.

  • If you’re considering upgrading your home’s trim siding Northern Virginia, call Beckworth for a free quote (703) 423-0142, or use our contact form. You can also find good resources on our Blog or Facebook page.

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