Wood Siding

Wood siding remains a popular and durable option for siding a home. Wood siding provides a classic and enduring, yet traditional and contemporary range of options for your home regardless of the size. The options that make it so popular include its versatility, color options and style. Sorting through all the options you have can be tricky but Beckworth LLC can help.

Wood Siding

Wood Siding

In general, there are 5 types of main wood siding options you will need to consider. Each differs in cost, maintenance, grain, and appearance. Wood siding is available in a range of types, which means it’s fairly easy to find a profile that complements your home’s style and size.

The most common wood siding profiles include:

Pine: Pinewood siding is generally less expensive than other types. It is also more difficult to find long lengths of pine siding that are knot free. Pinewood siding is often stained or painted and is not rot-resistant, so must be vigilantly maintained.

Spruce: Spruce and pine wood siding can often be used interchangeably. Like pine, spruce is also trickier to find in long lengths that are knot free. Spruce siding can be painted or stained but must be regularly sealed to guard against rot.

Fir: Available in a range of profiles, fir is generally a more affordable wood option and can be painted or stained. It is a softwood, so upkeep is important.

Cedar: With beautiful grain and rot-resistance, cedar is a more expensive wood siding option that has fewer splitting and swelling issues than softwoods. It’s a favorite for homeowners who wish to have a stained finish, but cedar must be regularly maintained to preserve its natural resistance to insects.

Redwood: Like cedar, redwood wood siding is less prone to shrinking and warping and is easily painted or stained. It is sometimes less readily available outside of the West Coast.

Wood Siding

If you’re considering new wood siding for your home, call Beckworth for a free quote (703) 570-6777, or use our contact form. You can also find good resources on our Blog or Facebook page.

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