Bay and Bow Windows

Whether the space in your home is limited or you just want more space and seating options, bay and bow windows are an excellent option for your next home improvement project. These windows jut out which creates more interior space.

bay and bow windows

bay and bow windows

These type of windows also open more viewing area of the outside and can make particularly nice options for living rooms. If you’re interested in getting some bay and bow windows installed to give us a call, we would be happy to help you decide on the materials and style that is best for you and your home.

What’s The Difference?

Bay and bow windows look a lot alike when you first look at them but they are different.Both will do much to open up a room and let it breathe, giving the appearance of more space and letting in more light while adding a splash of glamour to any room.

Here are the major differences between the two:

  • A bay window has three openings, available in angled projections. A bow window usually has four or five.
  • A bay window’s overall structure consists of a picture window with two other windows, usually smaller, on either side. A bow window’s structure is curved, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home.
  • Bay windows protrude farther from the wall out into the exterior space, adding a bit more floor space on the interior.
  • Bow windows frequently allow more light to come into the room since they have more glass panes than bay windows.
  • Because bay windows only have three panels, they’re seldom as wide as bow windows.
  • Bow windows can be wrapped around the corner of a building, forming a unique turret shape on the outside and an enticing nook on the inside. This advantageous option also allows for a view from two sides of the home.

How about The Difference in Cost?

The cost for bay or bow windows is typically 2.5 times more expensive than a standard flat window installation. That’s because it is not just a single window installation, its actually 3 to 4 windows opening up into one new window area in your home.

Bay and Bow Windows

If you’re considering bay and bow windows for your home, call Beckworth for a free quote (703) 570-6777, or use our contact form. You can also find good resources on our Blog or Facebook page.

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