Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular types of window installed around the world today. Vinyl was created as a low-cost material alternative for windows and other construction components. There are 3 main attributes that make Vinyl windows so popular, their superior energy efficiency, durability, and affordability.
Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows

So What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a man-made material created from ethylene and chlorine. Once these materials are processed, they combine to form Polyvinyl Chloride—or vinyl for short. Being a synthetic plastic-like material, vinyl is very resistant to moisture, humidity, and decay. For these reasons, vinyl has grown to be a major type of construction material. Additionally, vinyl can be recycled—making it an environmentally friendly construction material.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows


  • The material used to make vinyl windows, uPVC, is a safe, stable compound that will not warp or flex.
  • Vinyl windows come in a wear-ever lifetime woodgrain finish.
  • Available in light oak, medium oak, cherry, and walnut look-alikes.
  • Will not rust, warp, splinter, or rot.
  • Highly weather-resistant, even in extreme conditions.
  • A scratch can almost always be polished smooth with very little effort.
  • One of the many reasons for uPVC’s popularity in the industry is its ease of maintenance. In fact, it is renowned as one of the world’s lowest-maintenance materials in construction.
  • Since uPVC is a poor cold or heat conductor, owners get better insulation, compared to wood windows.
  • More economical than buying wood windows.
  • Easy to handle and lightweight, vinyl windows are champions in the trade.


  • Over time, uPVC vinyl may become slightly brittle; a hard blow could break it.
  • Though fire-resistant, vinyl windows will melt if they are exposed to a prolonged flame.
  • They aren’t real wood.

Vinyl Windows

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