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Doors are sometimes an overlooked part of exterior remodeling but updating your homes Vienna Doors can make a big improvement to your home. Include new doors in your home’s updated aesthetic for a complete exterior makeover. Beckworth LLC services include New doors, exterior and front door repair and replacement. If you are looking for new doors in Vienna, look no further.

Choosing an exterior door involves a few decisions, and it’s your first line of defense. You want it to look good, but you also need something strong that will protect your home from bad weather and other dangers. If your current door is plain, boring, or more than a little past its time, you’re probably thinking about replacing it. Add a door that helps with energy efficiency, and your investment will pay for itself with decreased utility bills, too.

Types of Home Doors

Beckworth’s exterior remodeling services in Vienna can help you chose a new door that’s strong, protects your home and increases your curb appeal. We can also change and install:

We’ll make sure all your new Vienna doors are the right ones for your home and are all installed correctly.

Is your exterior door hard to close, letting in the cold or hot air, or just wearing down? A replacement door can keep your home more secure while improving its exterior aesthetic. We offer three types of exterior doors for your home:

  • Steel—the least expensive option, easy to paint, and offers good security against intruders. The downside is that they may not last as long in areas that get a lot of rainfall during the year. If your door will be exposed to heavy traffic and/or the elements, you may consider another option.
  • Fiberglass—the strongest option with a wide variety of styles, but also a more expensive one. Fiberglass can mimic the look of real wood but is a lot lighter in weight. Its strong coating makes it difficult for an intruder to breach. They are frequently insulated and can be as much as three times more energy efficient. With reasonable care, a fiberglass door can last 15 to 20 years in nearly any climate. It requires little maintenance and can go several years in between paint jobs.
  • Wood—the most expensive and higher-maintenance than the other two options, a wood door is suitable for high-end renovations. Wood requires more re-staining and refinishing to prevent warping, cracking and other deterioration. Many stock and custom doors are made from oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine. Paintable doors are made from several softwood varieties like pine and western hemlock.

    If your door frame is a bit out of kilter, or the studs that are holding up the frame are a bit bowed, you may have trouble opening and closing the door. We can plane the door for you, or simply replace the door; with fiberglass and steel, you’ll have to replace the door as well as the frame.

    Maybe you’re already happy with your entry door but like the idea of having a storm door. We have several styles to choose from and can install it for you. A storm door offers additional protection for your door and your home from the elements as well as adding energy efficiency.

Would you like easier access to a patio or porch from the inside?

Sliding glass doors can be added to your home so your patio is readily available whenever you want it. Designed with one movable panel and one stationary panel, they’re ideal for an area where space is at a premium. Many styles are available, including two, three and four-panel doors, as well as contemporary bi-fold and traditional French doors. If you already have gliding patio doors but would like to update them, Beckworth can design and install them in your existing space.

Your garage is also an important part of your house. The Vienna doors you have on it will also keep it safe, as well as act as a first line of defense for both your garage and your house. If you garage area needs an updated look, a new garage door or overhead door can improve your garage’s look quickly. Whether you’re interested in a traditional-looking wood door, a steel model, a strong and durable vinyl model or a fiberglass door that looks like wood, our builders and installers can create a new look for your garage. We can also add in a more contemporary aluminum-glass design door to your garage.

If you’re considering upgrading your homes Vienna Doors then call Beckworth for a free quote (703) 423-0142, or Blog or Facebook page.

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