Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Beckworth LLC specializes in providing our customers with the most practical and unique bathroom remodeling Northern Virginia options for your next renovation project. We have been remodeling homes for years and in our experience, there are some unique bathroom options you may consider which we will list below.

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

Floating Vanities

To make a room feel more modern and also add more open space you may consider adding a floating vanity. These can be made of a simple solid plank of wood with a vessel sink or outfitted with double sinks and drawers for more storage. This will also help accommodate more than one person if you install this in your master bath.

Tile Accents

An affordable and appealing bathroom upgrade that can add a splash of glamour is using tile accents. Installing a backsplash made up of glass tile mosaic above or around your vanity and on the walls is a great way to improve the look of any bathroom.

Heated Flooring

Unless it never gets cold where you live, heated floors are one upgrade homeowners absolutely love. Nothing makes getting out of your warm bed less appealing than having to walk on a cold bathroom floor to relieve yourself unless of course the floor is heated. Such systems typically heat cold materials like ceramic tile and stone.

Glass Showers

Glass showers can make any bathroom appear more luxurious but the main reason to install one may be about more than just looks. If you have an aging person in your home, removing the barrier or lip on the tub for elderly make it more accessible and convenient.

Comfortable Seating

Remodeling your bathroom gives you the opportunity to create more space for things that will make your life more enjoyable. One thing you may want to consider is adding a more comfortable seating area with a small ottoman with pillows.

Heated Towel Bars

Another cozy centric idea is adding a heated towel bar to the bathroom so you can fry off with warm towels all year round instead of running to the dryer to get one heated for you.

Freestanding Tubs

If you really want a place to relax and even possibly have jacuzzi jets then you may want to consider adding a freestanding tub to your home. This is an ideal place to soothe your sore muscles in the warm of a whirlpool tub.

Steam Showers

If you’re looking to bring the spa experience home with you then you may consider adding a steam shower generator to make your shower double as a steam room. You will want to make sure and have a professional install this, not only to select the right generator for the room but also to seal the shower properly to prevent wood rot and mold.

Storage Solutions

Take a beautiful bathroom to the next level by adding practical and pretty storage. It’s easy for bathrooms to get overloaded with cosmetics and grooming products; adding more storage allows you to put everything in its place.

Windows and Skylights

If your bathroom is dark and dull then you may want to add a window or skylight. This will also offer more ventilation which can help with condensation and moisture while also making the room brighter and more enjoyable to be in.

Luxury Showers

Dual shower heads, handheld showerheads, body sprays, and a broad bench take an ordinary shower experience to invigorating and lavish. Wall-mounted shower heads can be adjusted to spray high or low for people of different heights. If you are still using the original shower tub combo with a fixed shower head then maybe it’s time to upgrade your showering options.

Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

If you are considering any Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia ideas then contact our experienced contractors for a free quote as well as help covering the realistic costs associated with your proposed projects. You can call us (703) 570-6777, contact us here or send us a message on Facebook.